Our Idioma is a racing bicycle equipped with a monocoque carbon frame. Although this frame is molded in three main parts – the front triangle, the rear vertical, and the rear horizontal sections – it is assembled by bonding and wrapping these sections to create a high-quality finished product. The fork is also made of full carbon, ensuring both lightness and strength.

Design and Geometry

Idioma features modern shapes that follow the latest aerodynamic trends. The frame is not excessively sloping, maintaining a geometry that vaguely recalls traditional designs with a less inclined top tube. This configuration is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

An evolution of the previous Beatle model, Idioma incorporates several improvements, including full internal cable technology, which allows all cables to pass inside the frame. This system requires an enlarged head tube, one and a half inches both at the top and bottom, and a dedicated fork that allows the internal passage of the brake hose for the front disc brake.

Geometry and Comfort

We have slightly modified the geometry compared to the previous model, reducing the slope and giving the tubes a more squared shape for greater rigidity and performance. Despite this, we maintain a slightly longer rear triangle to offer superior comfort and a greater ability to absorb vibrations.

Idioma is available in five different sizes. With an adequate postural study, it is possible to find the right size for almost all cyclists, ensuring a correct and comfortable riding position.

Technical Features

The frame is designed to accommodate 28 mm tires, which are now the standard for many cyclists. Although it is a pure racing bike, we avoided extreme angles in the design, maintaining a balance between performance and comfort. Idioma is perfect for those seeking a reactive, agile bicycle suitable for competitions, while still providing a certain level of comfort for long rides.

Aesthetics and Color Variants

Idioma is available in four color variants on our website. Three of these variants feature a contrast between the inner and outer parts of the front triangle, designed by designer Alessandra Cappelletti, creating a remarkable visual impact. The fourth variant is matte black with iridescent lettering, ultra-modern. Additionally, we offer a chameleon paint option that shifts from petroleum green to purple to blue depending on the light. This option is available at an additional cost due to the high price of the raw material.


Idioma is only compatible with disc brakes, with an electronic transmission that guarantees more immediate, clean, and smooth operation compared to mechanical transmissions. However, we also offer the option to mount mechanical transmission groups for those who prefer this configuration.

High-profile wheels best complement Idioma’s generous design, while for the handlebar and stem, we prefer Deda components. We have been partners with Deda Elementi for years, but it is possible to mount other brands, always ensuring the headset is compatible to guarantee optimal integration.

The Name: Idioma

The name “Idioma” was chosen because cycling is a universal language that unites people through a passion for this sport. Regardless of the spoken language, cyclists understand and connect through their shared love for cycling.

Idioma represents excellence in design, technology, and performance. It is the ideal bicycle for those seeking a competition machine, reactive and responsive, perfect for fast and challenging routes.


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