How To Ride Steep Climbs On A Road Bike

We have seen how to ride a bike up a steep climb thanks to the video we made on Mount Tersadia. We have also mentioned some advice on how to tackle a climb of 10% or more on a racing bike. Now let’s dive deeper and answer some of the most frequently asked...

Different colours on Viator carbon frames

We enjoyed playing with colours with some Viator carbon frames. We usually start with customizations requested by our customers. But then we added some varied graphics, just to see what it would look like if … We always remind people that the shape of the tubes...

The right tire pressure for your bike

The days we pushed the tire pressure on the bike to maximum, hoping to optimise performance, are long over. Today we know that the best tire pressure depends on the size of the tire, the weight of the cyclist (and the bike) and the riding style – which can lead...

Some tips for riding in winter safely

Low temperatures, viscid asphalt and bad weather. During the cold months, the handling of a bike changes drastically and you have to deal with reduced braking power, stability and control – in short, grip. However, there are a few precautions that allow you to...

Riding in the snow

There is a sort of general confusion among off-road cyclists about riding in mud and snow, and this is easily deducible from the choice of tires used. In fact, many people look for tires with a very large section to tackle the mud, while the aim would be essentially...


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