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The Annibale Monster Bike by Daccordi is much more than just a bicycle; it’s a statement of resilience, reliability, and adventurous spirit. Inspired by the famous Carthaginian commander Hannibal, who crossed the swamps of the Arno River during his march towards Rome in 217 BC, this bike embodies the same courage and determination.

Made of steel with disc brakes, Annibale is designed to tackle the roughest terrains where only a mountain bike could pass. The steel frame is not just a symbol of strength but also offers exceptional comfort, versatility, and durability. This material, chosen for its reliability, makes Annibale a trustworthy travel companion.

This Annibale is super customized for Jonny. It is, of course, a custom-built bike, but what took a lot of time was finding the right color. This antique blue paint was achieved with a gold base, overlaid with a beautiful intense blue, and hand-sanded to create a faux-scratched effect. We had to conduct many tests to achieve this result, exactly as Jonny wanted.


adventure bike annibale

We wanted to create a bicycle that reflected Hannibal’s spirit: ready for anything, capable of tackling any road or path, even those yet to be charted. Steel, in this context, is not just a material; it’s a sensation. Riding Annibale means having faith in your bike, feeling the freedom beneath your wheels, and knowing that limits exist only in your mind.

There is also a touch of magic on this Annibale, the signature of artist Irene Campinoti, who inscribed on the fork, “You will be happy – life told me – but first I will make you strong.” Additionally, the Shimano group set was chosen with a custom gear ratio, not recommended by the Japanese manufacturer but the result of mathematical calculations we performed to achieve gearing capable of handling any situation, even the most challenging.

la frontiera del gravel

Annibale is the result of close collaboration with the most unstoppable gravel grinders. It’s a bike that, like a suitcase ready for departure, just waits to be mounted for limitless adventures. With its robust soul and design aimed at delivering top performance on difficult terrains, Annibale conveys emotions linked to freedom and resilience, sensations we tend to lose in the hustle and bustle of modern life.

If you are looking for a bike that makes you feel alive, that accompanies you in the most challenging adventures, and that offers a perfect mix of modern and classic, Annibale is the right choice for you. Don’t let anything stop you, not even mountains. Choose Annibale and discover the true meaning of freedom on two wheels.

gravel bike annibale


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